Wimbledon traffic vs Olympics

This week has seen the start of Wimbledon tennis, Church Road SW19 5AE, this event is hosted ever year same time , same place and most of the same players return to the worlds home of tennis to play in this great event but there are a couple of things that seem to never change

1.The weather, i can’t remember a year where rain didn’t stop play, this year is no different, matches stopped halfway though, postponed until the next day. It really is a bug bear for me.

2.The traffic, without fail the roads around Wimbledon will be jammed pack. Even if the weather has stopped play the numbers of tennis fans that head there are unbelievable. A 1 hour journey will take you three.

3.Hotel prices, it seems that all the hotels get booked up and the rates treble!

Now Wimbledon tennis is a main world sporting event of that we are all sure, but compare it against the Olympics and it’s a baby. Come the middle of July when the Olympic road closures start and people flock to our great city, mayhem will pursue. The roads will not be able to handle the traffic, public transport will not be able to carry the commuters – what are we meant to do have two months off of work?

I don’t have any answers for any of it; i don’t think any one does! Should we let it bother us? It’s only a few weeks out of all our lives; none of us are going to be alive to see it again. It seems that most people are going to enjoy it, why shouldn’t we all?

Like some of the little titbits i post on DLE, this is a little rambling but sometimes rambling is good- unless it means you walking miles through muddy fields.

Email us info@diorescorts.co.uk with you thoughts on the Olympics, what is means to you, will it affect you? Will it bring in millions worth of new business or are you going to run away, jet off on a plain for a two month long holiday? I might X