Partying with blonde escorts

There are a few great points about owning an escort agency and today I am going to talk about one of them, it’s nearly my favourite and I’d imagine if you were in my game this is the part you’d absolutely adore..........................

The amount of beautiful women that I get to meet each month is insane! And yes, a little unbelievable (even for me!). Each week I must conduct roughly 10 interviews; we only interview the girls that get past the first hurdle which is sending in their photos but after the first interview we check that the girls can mix well with the others by arranging one of our small social nights.

These social nights are great as we all meet up and have a few drinks at DLE HQ, normally the favourite is champagne, although to be honest I stick to my Malibu and Diet Coke, then we head out to somewhere that Rachael has arranged. She does very well with our party planning. I must say the best night was when me and fifteen of the girls hit China White, Winsley Street W1F 8LB and had a table in the restaurant and then partied until closing time. I did feel a little bit like Hugh Heffner if the truth be known; there I was surrounded by some of the best looking blonde escorts that we have to offer, in the VIP area of one of the best clubs in the world.

Rachael doesn’t miss out on the finer detail either; she had hired two luxury mini coaches to take us to the venue and four Mercedes S Class to pick the girls up and drop them to their various homes in the capital. I, on the other hand, was left standing with the bill and had to get a black taxi home. A small part of me thinks that she did that on purpose (she won’t admit it but under those bambi eyes lays a complete dominatrix!).

We don’t always hit a club when we socialize as I like to meet the girls in coffee shops, after all they offer a very relaxed atmosphere and you are able to sit and talk. This is good when getting to know the different types of personalities that the girls have and how what ones are best suited to certain types of client. It’s alright sending a stocking clad, high heeled, whip waving blonde escorts to an outcall who loves to push the limits but what if the client is looking for a GFE? He’ll run screaming into the night! That’s where we are different from some agencies; we want to get the best out of them for you.

I would have to say that we do get a lot more blonde escorts applying to work alongside our agency than we do brunettes. Today, Rachael is in the process of lining up my appointments for next week and I am meeting two new blondes and one brunette. I wonder if any of these girls will leave a good enough impression to join us on one of our nights out and if they will then proceed to go on to be DLE girls? We’ll keep you posted about any new blondes (or brunettes, or redheads......) as soon as we get them!