Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights

After five weeks of fun in the American sun, Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights has come to an end, last night we saw the best looking man in Essex and his four friends say good bye to their LA home, their new found friends and get ready to get back to good old England. Mark said a tearful farewell to Chelsea, Tommy found out that Haley didn’t really care that much for him, poor Tommy, and Lauren well I got a funny feeling she would say goodbye to anybody.

We here at Dior Escorts have enjoyed it, OK! So it’s not great acting, ok it hasn’t got any story line but let’s be honest would you rather sit in front of the telly on a Sunday night watching MWHN’s or preparing to slit your throat watching the latest Eastenders, with the ugliest cast you have ever seen and the most depressing story lines – maybe you should, maybe that would mean more business for us here at DLE, instead of sitting at home you would want to get out book yourself a incall escorts and try to forget the grey shadow that had earlier come over you!

Mark Wright is a good looking man, no matter what you think of him, there is no denying that he has a great figure, works out, doesn’t smoke and looks after his best mate’s. Watching Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights doesn’t harm anybody, it’s not sending a message out about world peace that is true but why does everybody feel the need to slag him off, when we do truly need more young people like him.

Good luck to the guy, shouldn’t we be looking for more people like him, surely it’s better to have someone like Mark Wright as a figure for the next generation to look up to rather than gangster rappers or Pete Doherty, a low life drug addict. Surely Mark should be getting some good press, his young, earning good money – working hard, looks after himself and yet he gets slated for a little bit of cheesy acting. Is it a bad thing that you know see line after line of young boys all dressed smart rather than wearing trousers hanging off their bums and looking like they haven’t washed in a week. Come on guys his not a actor, he has never said that he was, his is just a likeable Essex boy, whose had a bit of luck, would we have all loved to be doing in our twenties what his doing.

Any way I don’t think that Mark Wright will ever stop getting it, people like to give it to someone and unfortunately its Mark Wright, well at least we have got TOWIE coming back soon, there are so many more people in the cast of The Only Way Is Essex for people to slag off