Ladies day at Royal Ascot

Ladies day at Ascot.

Tomorrow James has arranged for all us young ladies to have a day at the races, yes people tomorrow is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, although I am not sure if I would class every one as a lady.

There was a clip on Daily Mail on line about some strippers turning up in skin tight blue catsuits standing outside the main gates giving out leaflets for their strip clubs and oh boy i have to say they were “ rough birds” , they wouldn’t exactly make me went to go to a table dancing club, believe me I love watching other girls on stage, Emma and myself are regulars at Spearmint Rhino on Tottenham Court Road and we can’t get enough. Last month Emma blow a whole week’s worth of her earning on this one girl even though i keep telling her she would be better off booking one of the other girls, she would get so much more from it.

Any way there won’t be any blue catsuits tomorrow from the girls at DLE or shoes that don’t fit, that it so unattractive , feet hanging all out over the edge of the shoes. Especially when they are connected to fat legs – I must stop being so bitchy smack on my own wrist X.

Any way Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, for those of you who don’t know, is a big social gathering of the horse racing world that takes place one at year at Ascot race course. People come from all over the country, people dress extremely smart – expect strippers, The Queen will be in attendance.

I have got to shot now to Harrods to get a hat, the bigger the beater, James – the lucky sod has booked himself a Rollys Royce and all us girls are stuck with a mini bus, ok it’s a merc but still. Do we think that some of the girls will be trying to upgrade during the day and we all know how they get that, STOP BEING BITCHY X

Any way we will be leaving the lovely Claire to man the office, so please phone up and make your bookings with her and I’ll let you all know how it went later in the week