July Already!

I know they say time goes faster the older you get but this year seems to have flown by. It is strange to think that we have less time until Christmas than we have the Christmas just gone. We are no closer to 2013 as oppose to the end of 2011. How was the first half of the year for you all?

Our services remain the same, we are still the same agency that provides beautiful ladies in the perfect kind of way. We still work hard to ensure your happiness is a guarantee and we plan to do so long in to the future. The client has and always will be our priority and recruiting the best girls we possibly can is as essential as ever.

One thing I will say is, isn't this supposed to be the middle of summer? The time where the sun is always shining and BBQ's are happening all over the country. We here have the best of both worlds, if it is cold and rainy outside our girls are perfect to cuddle up at home with and if it is beaming with sunshine (slim chance) we have the ladies that will spend a great day out in the sun with you.