High heels

Sometimes the urge just takes you,  sometimes its all that you want, many of us men have our own little kinks, there is a certain look, a certain item of clothing that gets a man going.

Today it is high heels, the thought of a sexy escort wearing a pair of “fuck me shoes” , oh yes fuck me shoes, you really can’t get better than a girl in a pair of fuck me’s. The funny thing with regards to fuck me’s is, it doesn’t matter if they are cheap or expensive, cost doesn’t come into it. In fact sometimes the cheaper the shoe the more fuckable they are. I remember i was out shopping with Rachael once in the West End and she brought a £400 pair of shoes, very nice, very high, open toed and strappy so they indeed ticked all the right boxes for fuck me’s. The next street we went down had this little “funky” shoe shop so as all women do, she darted in there and came out with a pair of stripper shoes costing £15, now in the glamorous world of escorting you would put the £400 pair in front all day long but to see Rachael clip chopping around the office in a 7inch pair of strappy high heel platforms , getting ready for her pole dancing class, it drove me mad, it was all I could think about, it still is all I can think about.

This post isn’t written in the normal text that i would want to publish a article on www.diorescorts.co.uk but its just something that got me and i had to share it with you x