Fast cars and sexy escorts dreams

Fast cars and sexy escort agencies

A few weeks ago we were all sitting in the garden, having a BBQ and soaking up the sun, this has now long since passed and it seems like a million years ago, so we here at DLE have had to come up with a new way to fill our time in between taking your calls and booking you dream dates with the best London call girls.

I thought this was a fantastic question to ask the girls and it caused a little debate in the office.

If money was not an issue and you had the choice of the three what would you pick? To make it fair i chose three cars which all cost around the same, some are slightly older than the other but are a bigger car.

1. Bentley Azure – new shape , blue with a white bonnet, white and blue leather, chrome wheels, blue roof around 2 years old cost 160000

2. Bentley GTC Sport – 1 year old, white, white and black leather, black roof, black wheels cost 165000

3. Bentley Mulsaane - new shape, black, black leather, limo tinted windows all the way round, black wheels cost 200000

Now believe it or not we bounded this little ditty around the office for a whole day, ok- the Mulsaane – massive car, every refinement but is it a little old? The GTC, nice and sporty, good colours but even though it’s the sport can be a little UMMMM. Now the Azure nearly seven litres of twin turbo pure power whacking along a car that weighs nearly three ton, a big monster just like the Mulsaane but in a convertible, can you see the mixture of the GTC and Mulsaane.

Without boring all you non-car nuts a little too much if money wasn’t a object and price didn’t matter you would see a blue Azure with a white bonnet and blue roof parked outside the offices of DLE today but seems as money is a object and price does really matter you won’t and I’ll still have something to dream about X