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Located on the north side of the River Thames, the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is regarded as a very high class borough, a little like the Escorts whom live there. It is one of Londons most exclusive and expensive places to live......(I so want to live here!). Kensington and Chelsea were made a royal borough in 1965 which makes it even more elite to residents and wannabe residents!

Both Fulham FC (The Cottagers) and Chelsea FC (The Blues) are both located close by to this borough. When walking around Chelsea’s football ground (Stamford Bridge) you will come across many high class Escorts in Kensington waiting for their Footballer boyfriends. Fulham FC is also regarded as a top flight football club so it is little surprise that you find many beautiful Escorts in Fulham.

RBKC, as this borough is often called, has one of the highest densities of all London boroughs and you’ll find such a diverse group on people (pretty much like the rest of London). Kensington and Chelsea houses people from all walks of life, although the majority of them are on the “super rich2 walk and even though it is so expensive, Escorts are very easy to find and all London Escort agencies have a vast selection in this borough.

Clients often search for “Kensington Escorts” or “Chelsea Escorts” although we also have a great number of searches for “Escorts in RBKC”. Most of the escorts we have located in this area have long, dark beautiful hair and are also OWO escorts.

Dior London Escorts arrange many dates for people outside RBKC who want to visit, eat, party have lots of fun in this area. One of our favourites was when we arranged a date with a pair of duo Escorts to attend a club located in a back street off the Kings Road. We supplied a chauffeur driven Bentley and arranged VIP access all the way. Both the Escorts had such a fun night and our client said he had never used such a good London Escort’s service. Nice to be appreciated!

If you’re are driving through RBKC, you will be amazed at how many exclusive cars you see, in such a small area you can’t swing an Escorts stocking round your head without hitting either a Bentley, Ferrari or a Rolls Royce. Honestly, this area is just teaming with new and old money. We suggest that if you’re visiting Kensington and Chelsea for the day; book a high class Escort in Chelsea and use her to blend in with the super rich.