Update on Dior London Escorts members page


We must apologise to all our loyal followers for the delay in getting the members pages up and running. We know that we promised you all that by the end of the month you would be able to login in and get the latest news on what’s happening at Dior Escorts, that you would receive the latest updates of the newest girls to sign up to our London escort agency and get the greatest membership offer any escort agency has to offer but sadly this is not going to be the case. The past 2 weeks we have had to dedicate all our time and energy to combating a devastating attack on our website, a attack purely targeted at putting our London escort agency out of business, by knocking us down from the pages of all search engines. We must thank our loyal customers for sticking with us and helping weather the storm, you lovely people know who you are and we say a big THANK YOU to you all. Over the next coming weeks we are going to have to battle to return to the top flight across all the search engines to rebuild a reputation that was built upon trust and the devotion to making you the client happy and that was tarnished by a group looking to make our website look like a spamming site. Luckily our fantastic team picked up on this and have worked day and night to combat this attack. We look forward to hearing from you all and once again thank you for your support