Overnight Escorts


Overnight escorts

An overnight appointment with an Escort can last anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, depending on the overnight escorts you book. We  would recommend that before you book an overnight appointment with a Escort that it would be best perhaps to spend a couple of hours in her company first; that way you can get to know each other before spending a longer period of time with her and after all you wouldn’t want to end such a glorious time early.

Here at Dior Escorts you will find many escorts that offer an overnight service. All these  Escorts love spending time with their clients as this is when you get to know each other best and you can really enjoy each other’s company without watching the clock. What more could you ask for other than having a beautiful  Escort turn up at your home or hotel ready to spend the night?

A good idea to start the evening off is to have a few drinks together and a meal, this way you can really gets the conversation flowing and there is nothing better than having a happy Escort at your table. The night obviously won’t end there so take your time over a nice long coffee or a brandy (or 4!) after your meal and really let your hair down, forget about the week and just enjoy the here and now.

When you call to book your chosen overnight Escort you can tell the Reception team if you have any special requirements; maybe you require her in a certain dress – after all, some establishments do have dress codes. Maybe you require her in a certain pair of shoes? All our beautiful Escorts have a wide variety of clothes and love dressing up to please their clients, so why not take advantage of this.

There really is no stopping you when you are in the company of an overnight Escort, once your time is over you’re more than free to extend, so why not make it a day and night booking?  You can then spend the day recovering with your overnight Escort (all you have to do is call up the agency and we will happy arrange with the escort a longer period for you). Many of our international escorts spend weeks at a time with one client, this normally happens when a client visits on business or would like company over a long period of time - we even have clients take girls on holiday with them – but that a whole different story.