Guide to amazing London hotels


To help you in your endeavours to find the perfect venue for you and your hotel escort we have taken the liberty of listing some of our favourite† hotels, as always there are far too many to put up in one post. So we will be breaking it down a few each week. We hope you enjoy visiting our suggestions and we welcome your feedback.

The Westbury Hotel - Five star hotel located in Bond Street W1, a comfortable hotel with a modern style that has an elegant twist. Enjoy a cocktail in the bar and sample the best bar meal in London. Rooms from £149 per night.

Sheraton Park Tower - Five star hotel based on Knightsbridge with views over looking Hyde Park. Lose yourself in the hotels casino and try the award winning food in the restaurant. One of the best hotels we have ever visited.

Carlton Tower Hotel (otherwise known as the Jumeirah Hotel London) - Located just off of Sloane Street in Pont Street over looking Cadogan Place Gardens. This hotel has a spa at the top with the prime feature being the glassed roofed swimming pool. You will not find a better place to relax in London.

Dorchester Hotel - Park lane cannot be beaten for old English style. Based on 1930’s styling, this hotel is one of the prime features of London. With a number of bars and restaurants you will never have to wonder out of the luxury of the hotel. Many people regard the concierge service as the best in the world, anything you want, you get. Dior London Escort? No problem!

Claridges – Again, another five star hotel, well London is full of them! You will find this fantastic hotel in Mayfair’s Brook Street. Furnished with an art deco touch you’ll be impressed at how well this hotel handles itself. Gordon Ramsey loved it so much he opened a restaurant there; so if it’s good enough for Gordon, it’s good enough for us.

Browns Hotel London - Yet again, another Mayfair hotel which has been awarded with five stars. A little known fact for you; Browns was the first London hotel when it opened its doors in 1837. A true pillar of Mayfair, you can enjoy the best food and wine here. Celebrate in style with one of their private dining rooms!

The Mayfair Hotel - Enjoy the soon to be open Cigar room or venture into The Palm Beach Casino whatever your taste; it has been catered for. A suite here will knock you off your feet and we doubt you’ll never try anywhere else again. Find The Mayfair Hotel on Stratton Street W1J 8TL.

Royal Garden Hotel – WOW! A hotel which isn’t in Mayfair! (We didn’t think they existed!) A fine example of a hotel located in Kensington High Street, W8. Enjoy the bars and restaurants in this lovely hotel. Close to the Royal Albert Hall and down the road from Knightsbridge, this is a fantastic modern hotel that is always welcoming.

The Milestone Hotel – If you fancy something a little smaller from the others on our list then give this top five star boutique hotel a try. Famed for its comfort and their friendly staff, you will love the service you get here. A brilliant hotel in Kensington Court W8 and for those in the know this is where James disappears to – James we know where you are!!!!!