Business trips


Each year over 30 million people visit this city. 30 million!!! A large number of these are in the UK for business and unlike the tourist trade, the number of business visits remain stable throughout the year and will not be affected by the weather or school holidays.

This is where the our sexy escorts really show their true worth. Thousands of these professional workers feel very lonely and miss the companionship of having someone to chat to at the end of the day and we would say the majority are so very fed up eating alone – the finest restaurants really aren’t up to scratch if you haven’t got anyone to share the experience with, and to top the whole thing off, whose going to tuck them in at night?

If you visit any of the hotels you will find tables of business travellers all looking for a little company. Why would anyone not want to share such a lovely environment with a beautiful UK Escort? Let us be honest, these hotels have some of the most refined bars where a drink is poured in a way where it actually means something, it is almost an art form. Glasses served ice cold from the freezer, or the other extreme, heated to perfection for an age old cognac. Even the ice and the slice seem to be handcrafted for your drink.

If you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of the prestigious hotels in the West End , you’re sure to find that one of our charming Mayfair escorts will make your stay so much more enjoyable. A long, stressful meeting in the morning will not seem like too much hard work once a beautiful lady has helped relieve your mind first thing or even if you want to have a hand in relieving the tension that surely must come from all the hard work that is expected from you – a Dior Escort can be there to rid you off that stress.

Many businessmen who visit find that dining out alone can be a major come down and bore, it seems almost torturous to eat in some of the world’s most famous establishments alone with only a book or a paper for company. No wonder they drink so much! Why should they miss out or not get such a exhilarating experience out of it? I’m sure you may of guessed where we’re going with this but really, what better way can a man start his dinner than with a smart, sexy and confident woman on his arm? I know what I’d prefer and I’m a woman!

Most corporate entertaining now takes place in the trendiest spots , with every top club hosting an elite VIP room where the best of the world’s business leaders can let their hair down and relax or strike up a multi million pound deals in a stress-free and informal atmosphere. With so many Escorts to hand, why not have the room packed with sexy woman? You’ll not only make the other revellers green with envy, your colleagues and associates will want some of what you’re having. Not a bad life eh?!