A professional English escort service


It did make our head swell slightly but twice this week we’ve been told that “Dior is such a professional agency....”so we thought it only fair to let you know how we do it, and more importantly, why? Firstly, we want our customers to return to Dior Escorts. We believe that running an operation like Dior Escorts takes hard work, continuity and professionalism. We’re very pleased it is being recognised.

Our clients like to be dealt with in a polite, confident and friendly manner – if your booking is handled efficiently you’ll get a speedy response. Our team at Dior London Escorts have been trained to deal with people; all levels of customer services have been through the doors of Dior. Each of us has come from rather different types of backgrounds and has worked in various industries but we all have a common bond – we just like to make people happy. Cheesy huh?! Maybe so, but we’re all service focused and just love our job of providing you the best English escorts

We get a lot of people who have never used a escort service before calling us and we at Dior try to guide them though step by step, after all this is a very personal business and our team understand how nervous you could be. Saying that, when we get seasoned punters phone in we aim to deal with your booking as quick as possible because as you experienced lot know, the big time fun happens after you’ve made the call!

All the English escorts you find working alongside our  escort agency are tested professionals; all have been met and interviewed and like the bookings team, their main goal is to get that smile on your face.

So please bear in mind that when looking for a professional escort service  - DLE must be your first choice.