A day in the life of a Escort agency Receptionist


Firstly let me introduce myself, I’m Rachel and work as Head Receptionist at DLE. I have worked for Dior for around 5 months and have the general day to day running of the office. Having never worked as an Escort myself I have found this work rather exciting, thrilling and very interesting! Although working for some gorgeous hotels in bar management means I’ve been around Escorts for many years and being a natural organiser (or bossy boots depending on who you ask) means this role is pretty much perfect for me.

I met James at a party he had arranged for some of the girls - I was very friendly with one of them who had asked me to come along. After he spent most of the evening trying to recruit me to work as an Escort he finally offered me a job in the office. I didn’t accept there and then, in fact it took a couple of months of him working hard to get me to give up a job that I loved and go into something I knew nothing about. But what do you know? I jumped and the rest, as they say, is history. DLE is still a baby in terms of establishing roots in this world but we aren’t anything but passionate about Dior. Since being with Dior Escorts it has been an absolute pleasure watching it go from strength to strength. The girls we have are amazing, we’ve already started to get a rather loyal client list, James just lives and breathes Dior and with me on the phones.....how can we fail?!

I have many friends who just find what I do so interesting; well it certainly is different to a “normal” Receptionist role! My day runs pretty much the same after I finally get out of bed (well, that’s kind of obvious Rach – James), I check the availability of the girls and see who is available and when (although this can change throughout the day so I’ve really got to be on top of things) – these sheets then get emailed to the rest of the team. James then gets his commission sheets from the previous day sent over and then I head out to the office. Once I’ve got my huge vat of Costa coffee and daily almond croissant (luckily I have a high metabolism) I’m ready to start arranging dates and booking appointments.

When you list it all down like that it really doesn’t seem like I do much but I am constantly on the phone, forever sending emails and now (thank you James) I am running our twitter account, @diorescorts, I really would like to get over 2000 followers, guys and girls after you’ve finished reading this, give me a little follow....rants, filthy thoughts and new girls all get featured!

I must say I am enjoying working in this industry a great deal and I find it so much more fulfilling than my previous job, it is surprising really very rewarding than I imagined it to be. It is a pleasure speaking with our clients, both old and new, and I find the girls an absolute blast! I have the satisfaction of co-ordinating the most fabulous dates and even booking holidays for the girls. Arranging the travel is a highlight (my inner Cabin Crew loves it!), always to places that I could only dream of. Funnily enough, the girls have already asked me to start arranging their personal holidays. City breaks, luxurious spa retreats or living it up in Europe’s hottest clubs....I’ve done them all!

Well guys I hope that has given you some insight to me and my days at Dior. I look forward to speaking with you all and if there is anything I can assist you with then please call.